Portable Teleprompter for your DSLR and Smartphone

High-quality teleprompter to assist you in creating more professional videos right away.

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When it’s time to make your videos more professional, a teleprompter (some people call it an autocue) is one of the best tools to have. Removing the possibility of you diverting of the topic at hand when you are delivering your content and assisting in removing the “Umms” and “Ahhs” as you speak to the camera, a teleprompter is invaluable in keeping your videos looking and sounding much more polished.

How does a teleprompter work?

A teleprompter works by reflecting the text from your smartphone or tablet screen (which sits flat on the front of the teleprompter facing upwards) onto an angled piece of glass in front of your camera’s lens. The teleprompter app on your device flips the text around the wrong way, so when it is reflected onto the glass, it displays correctly so you can read it. The app can automatically scroll the text up the screen for you so you read the text whilst looking straight at the camera. The text on the glass cannot be seen by the camera. SOme apps have automatic scrolling at a set speed, some are manually controlled with a remote control or mouse, and some listen to your voice and scroll with you as you talk. That’s pretty clever!

Whilst you can use a DSLR to shoot the video, you can also use your mobile phone as the camera instead, mounted to the rear of the teleprompter. Remember, however, that this means you will need two mobile devices: one to shoot through teleprompter recording your video, and one to display the text onto the glass in front of the camera.

This particular teleprompter has been chosen from the many that are on offer due to its build quality, ease of use, after-sales backup and delivery times.

  • High quality packaging and product
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Use with DSLR, Camcorder and Smartphone
  • Includes 5 cold shoe mount for lights, microphones, video monitors, etc.
  • Remote control included to control the app on your device for true hands-free operation
  • Included bracket mounts to tripod and then the camera and teleprompter mount to the bracket.
  • Compatible with phones and tablets under 8 inch in diameter
  • Smartphone, tablet, light, microphone, camera and tripod not included
Package List:
1 x Teleprompter
1 x Lens Sock/cover
1 x Remote Control
1 x Metal Bracket
1 x Extra Smartphone Clamp
1 x Adjustable Tripod Head
2 x Hexagon Wrench
2 x Screws
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Cleaning Cloth

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